TKO Jetboard – KINETIC ONE – Banana Blitz

Built to provide an exhilarating performance and a well-balanced ride. Fully adjustable power to take you from beginner to expert. Comes with one extended-range battery.

12990,00  HT

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Libérerez des performances vibrantes : nous vous présentons le Jetboard TKO Kinetic ONE – Banana Edition, une vision vibrante et énergique de l’avenir du jetboard électrique.

Cette édition est conçue pour ceux qui recherchent non seulement des performances de haut niveau, mais qui souhaitent également que leur équipement reflète leur esprit audacieux et aventureux.

Key features

Vibrant Banana Colorway
Stand out on any body of water with the jetboard's eye-catching banana yellow finish, designed to be as visually striking as it is technologically advanced.
Precision Engineering
Benefit from the same advanced hydrodynamic design, offering a balanced and exhilarating ride regardless of skill level.
Extended Battery Life
The high-capacity battery ensures you can explore further and ride longer, with up to 45 minutes of uninterrupted surfing enjoyment.
Exceptional Speed and Power
Like its Bronze counterpart, the Banana Edition features a 12kW liquid-cooled motor that propels riders to speeds over 55 km/h.
Sustainable Surfing
Embrace the thrill of the ride with zero environmental guilt, thanks to the jetboard's eco-friendly, emission-free performance.

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Banana Blitz

Top speed

> 55kb/h


12kW liquid cooled rotor

Wireless hand controller

On-the-fly multistep speed adjustment to suit riders of all skill levels

Speed settings

10 levels

Riding time

Up to 45 min

Charging time

2 hr

Board weight

20 kg

Board construction

Advanced Carbon Composite

Battery weight

20 kg

Battery capacity

2.8 kWh

Maximum rider weight

130 kg

Dimestions (L x W x H)

189 cm x 58 cm x 19cm


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